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How can I be sure that you provide only original academic writing?

When you make an order from us, you should never worry about the originality of your papers. We guarantee that all the essays and other types of works are written from scratch, following your requirements. Additionally, each paper is checked with special software that helps detect plagiarism. Unlike such plagiarism detection engines as that is used by most universities, we do not report the results to public databases. That means such plagiarism prevention is totally safe for our customers.

Can I pay for the paper after the delivery?

Unfortunately, this option is not available. We provide only pre-paid writing services. However, with all our guarantees, you can be sure you will receive what you are paying for.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, our service is 100% confidential. Even though we ask you to provide certain personal information, it is only required to improve the quality of our cooperation, or to authorize that your credit card has not been stolen. We guarantee that our customers’ information is never disclosed to third parties.

Is it safe to pay you beforehand?

The payment information provided by the client during the order goes directly to the payment processor through a secure web protocol. All we receive is the confirmation of payment, customer’s first and last names, his phone number, the address, and the 4 last digits of your card. This information is only used for authorization purposes and is never disclosed to third parties.

Can you write urgent assignments?

Yes, you can set the deadline starting with 3 hours from the order placement. In our staff, we only have experienced writers who can complete top-quality papers within limited time frames.

Can I be sure that the writer will provide a good Abstract?

Yes, all of the papers provided by us are of excellent quality. If the Abstract is required for your essay, just choose an option “Add an Abstract,” and we will take special care of your order.

If I liked the work of my previous writer, is it possible to choose him/her again?

Yes, you can choose “My previous writer” in the “Preferred writer” section while filling out your order form. Please note that this option is available only for the orders with a 24-hours deadline and above. Also, you will have to pay more for such a paper. However, if the writer you prefer is not available, we will provide another professional to work on your paper.

What should I do if my order is late?

Please contact our support team right away. There is a probability that the writer has already uploaded the paper, and it is just not yet visible for you. If the writer is late, we will contact him or her right away and let you know when the paper will be uploaded for you. If at this point you no longer need the paper, you get a 100% refund.

What if I do not like the delivered paper?

Yes, you can ask for a revision. At our website, we offer three free revisions for each order so that every client could get the desired result. Please note that we also have a strict policy about the order instructions, so make sure to read it.

Can I make a refund?

In some cases, customers are not completely satisfied with the delivered products. In such cases, we guarantee refunds. Check our Money Back Guarantee for detailed information.